2014 was an extremely interesting year for AlpVision, not only from a technological perspective, but also from a financial one. On the technology side, the past year clearly had a focus on moving from scanner-based authentication solutions to entirely smartphone-based ones. This move includes both the authentication process, as well as quality control management. Our applications were also upgraded to run on the latest iPhones and our entire suite of technologies were ported to Android-based smartphones. From a financial perspective, AlpVision maintained a sustainable growth rate, a remarkable performance compared to our competitors. Industry wide, 2015 got off to a rough start when the Swiss National Bank suddenly announced that it would lift the Euro exchange rate ceiling. While sudden and unpredictable, this decision did not have a critical impact on AlpVision’s business. Looking ahead, we will be launching a brand new product authentication tool in the next few months. So stay tuned, you will not be disappointed!