AlpVision was recently invited to speak at the IoPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) PP&LC (Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labeling Committee) spring 2013 meeting at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA. Under the theme of Serialization & Anti-Counterfeiting, Quincy Mattingly, Regional Manager, presented Digital Authentication Solutions for Pharmaceutical Products to some 30 Sr. level managers/directors from major pharmaceutical companies, ranging from Alcon to UCB. In addition to introducing AlpVision’s Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint technologies, he described the smartphone as an authentication device, the impact of the European Directive 2011/62/EU on obligatory authentication features, and the integration of AlpVision’s instant authentication application in WCO’s Interface Public-Members (IPM) tool. [Pictured: Quincy Mattingly (left), Regional Manager, AlpVision, with Kay Harris, PP&LC Chairperson & Director, Global Graphics, Alcon]