Offset printers, rejoice! Until now, AlpVision’s iPhone authentication application detected varnish Cryptoglyph, a pseudo-random pattern of invisible micro-holes (40-80 microns) embedded in the standard varnish layer of folding carton, blister packs and labels. AlpVision now proposes an alternative mobile authentication solution capable of detecting standard Cryptoglyph, invisible micro-dots (10-15 microns) printed with regular visible ink. Combined with a readily available and inexpensive macro lens (here, an olloclip® macro lens), AlpVision’s authentication application works with an image magnified 10 times, taken at a distance of approximately 12-15 mm. As with varnish Cryptoglyph-secured packaging and labeling, authentication takes less than 3 seconds. This quick-connect, light-weight solution is ideally suited for fast and highly-reliable verifications.